Tucker, who still ranks as one of the top ten three-point shooters in NBA history, played for the New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs, and Chicago Bulls in an eleven-year career, winning a world championship with the Bulls in 1993. Tucker is currently a broadcast analyst for a Minneapolis sports-talk radio station. A longtime community activist, he founded the Trent Tucker Non-Profit Organization to empower youth to make positive choices, elevate their self-respect, and develop a positive vision for the future. For more information, visit


Ray Williams, one of the guys who was playing in front of me, went down with an ankle sprain. All of a sudden, I felt something come into the Garden. I looked up and saw this spirit coming down the aisle at the opposite end of the court down by the visitors’ bench behind the basket. It looked like a cloud. I knew right away that it was a higher force, a positive force, and that what was happening was very real. I could feel it remove all the tension and apprehension I was going through, and I could feel it telling me, I’m here. I’m going to support you. You have done what you were supposed to do. It’s time to go out and play now. Your time has come.

Basketball star TRENT TUCKER’s vision of a spirit during an NBA game in Madison Square Garden answers his prayers.