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Author and coroner DR. JANIS AMATUZIO is forever changed by an eyewitness account of life after death in the quiet predawn hours during her hospital internship.

Business executive and author JAMES AUTRY and former lieutenant governor of Iowa SALLY PEDERSON learn valuable lessons of the heart from their disabled son.

Psychic ECHO BODINE, unmarried and nineteen, agonizes over whether to give up her newborn son for adoption.

Author and psychologist JOAN BORYSENKO and her son experience remarkable visions at the very moment her mother passes on to the other side.

Author and speaker GREGG BRADEN gains a profound understanding of the dynamics of prayer during encounters with a Native American and a Tibetan abbot.

Author and hospice activist DANNION BRINKLEY lovingly ushers his father into the afterlife with the support of his brother and sister.

Alternative medicine pioneer DR. DEEPAK CHOPRA deepens his appreciation for the eternal play of life and death during his father’s sacred cremation ritual.

Geneticist DR. FRANCIS S. COLLINS receives a timeless lesson in love at the hospital bedside of a young Nigerian farmer.

Psychic phenomena authority DR. JOSEPH COSTA receives lifesaving advice from an ethereal stranger in a tiny Southern California bar.

Acclaimed sportswriter FRANK DEFORD shares the sweetness and sadness of his daughter Alex’s battle with cystic fibrosis.

Nutrition pioneer MARILYN DIAMOND shifts the focus of her life’s work after encountering a diminutive pearl crab on a Florida beach.

Mind-body author DR. LARRY DOSSEY‘s disturbing dream about a colleague’s young son becomes shockingly real just hours later.

Father of Motivation” DR. WAYNE W. DYER undergoes a miraculous healing while aiding a disabled seminar participant in the birthplace of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Yoga teacher and author SUZA FRANCINA helps an elderly friend fulfill her desire to die peacefully at home.

Business author TOM GEGAX shares his startling vision of a glowing treasure in a Greek hotel room.

Mystical scholar ANDREW HARVEY beholds an amazing vision of Christ during Sunday church services in southern India.

Medium KATHRYN HARWIG‘s priorities are turned inside out after a life-threatening hospital mishap leaves her in chronic pain.

Human development expert JEAN HOUSTON unwittingly opens an astonishing spiritual doorway as a young girl.

Spiritual teacher DR. ROBERT IBRAHIM JAFFE redirects his healing path after witnessing a deathbed ritual involving three rabbis and a cage filled with doves.

Author and consultant LARRY JULIAN emerges from “a difficult walk in the desert” to simultaneously and joyously welcome his first child and first book.

Toltec teacher DON JOSE LUIS regains his eyesight in the wake of a vivid dream that directs him to surrender his fears and embrace love.

Disabled triathlete JIM MacLAREN‘s emotional premonition of an “amazing” life change horrifically plays itself out the very next morning.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior author DAN MILLMAN awakens to spiritual clarity while sitting on a curb peeling a grapefruit.

Medical intuitive CAROLINE MYSS improbably receives a holy gift from an Indian mystic while on a private retreat in the Highlands of Scotland.

Women’s wellness advocate DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP is overcome with awe and reverence while observing her first live birth.

Bestselling author DR. DEAN ORNISH’s plan to kill himself during his freshman year in college is interrupted by the serendipitous visit of a swami to his parents’ home.

Author PARKER J. PALMER experiences an epiphany about the workings of the universe while hiking in the high desert of New Mexico.

Basketball star JIM PETERSEN finds peace and a new spiritual path during a brief conversation with a direct disciple of a great Indian guru.

The Celestine Prophecy author JAMES REDFIELD is transfixed by an unexpected “birth vision” while hiking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Author and teacher DR. RACHEL NAOMI REMEN deepens her bond with her mother, deceased grandmother, and family heritage during a moving deathbed vigil.

Futurist PETER RUSSELL transcends his fear and expands his consciousness during a sacred and magical swim with a pod of wild dolphins off a Hawaiian island.

Author DONALD SCHNELL receives a poignant lesson in courage from a young single mother in the Zen meditation group he formed within his military unit.

Mind-body author DR. BERNIE SIEGEL’s harrowing dreams lead him to a stronger faith and the knowledge that there will always be an angel’s hand on his shoulder.

Movie producer STEPHEN SIMON approves a special showing of his film What Dreams May Come for a dying teenage girl.

Author and speaker MALIDOMA PATRICE SOMÉ’s initiation into elderhood imbues him with the wisdom that can transform human consciousness—if only he were free to share it.

Scientist and author DR. ESTHER M. STERNBERG awakens to the true source of healing after meditating in the archaeological ruins of an ancient Grecian temple.

Basketball star TRENT TUCKER’s vision of a spirit during an NBA game in Madison Square Garden answers his prayers.

Spiritual medium JAMES VAN PRAAGH‘s life is saved by a mysterious bystander when his car stalls in a busy Los Angeles intersection after midnight.

Baseball executive MIKE VEECK is profoundly moved and forever changed by his young daughter’s indomitable courage as she faces her impending blindness.

Singer/songwriter BILLY VERA’s career goes supernova when a Family Ties producer plucks his eight-year-old song from obscurity and sends it rocketing up the charts.

Clairvoyant DR. DOREEN VIRTUE realizes the danger of ignoring her angelic guidance after a carjacking attempt near her California home.

Entrepreneur DAVID WAGNER is shocked to discover that simply making a customer’s day can lead to a lifesaving change of heart.

Spiritual messenger NEALE DONALD WALSCH’s angry letter to God is answered immediately and dramatically in a way that will forever change the world.

Self-employment advocate BARBARA J. WINTER experiences a transcendent moment of divine connection while walking alongside her daughter on a Santa Monica bike path.

Bassist VICTOR LEMONTE WOOTEN is inspired to serve humanity after a harrowing incident with his Guardian Angels patrol and a subsequent dream.