“Loved the book! It made me cry, it made me happy and made me feel hopeful! I am asking my husband to read it now and will then pass along to friends!”

Laura Easter

Charlotte, NC

“I opened your book on Tuesday afternoon in the laundry room. I knew I had a good two hours of reading time to kill—I had to wash curtains, sheets, etc. After the first five pages I found myself in a puddle of tears. The humble honesty and funny verbiage used in your book warmed me in so many ways. I can’t remember the last time I cried from written words. I kept hoping that no one would enter the laundry room to see my story-induced sob session, but of course someone did. I told them a bit about what I was reading and we proceeded to share stories with each other about family, death and dreams. What a ripple affect. Thank you. I can’t wait to finish the book.”

Alexandra Glad

Minneapolis, MN

“I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed Sixty Seconds. I think it's brilliant. If the success of a book can be measured in the tears it extracts, you've hit the jackpot. I feel like you've put me, the reader, in the care of some of the most compassionate hands on the planet (yourself, obviously, among them), and I feel very grateful to you for making that happen. I was moved by so much that it's hard to pin it down, but two that stick out are Christiane Northrop crying for every woman on the planet and Joan Borysenko's gratitude for having a mother who she had to push against in all of the ways that made her who she is. Even the stories that I felt were not so directly "about me," all—everysingleoneofthem—had a little gift in them just for me. Like Stephen Simon who is a complete success because of what he did for one girl, you are a complete success.”

Rebecca Smith

Minneapolis, MN

“I love your book! I am not finished yet but so far it is awesome.”

Jeanne Thune

Big Stone City, SD

“Every great once in awhile, I pick up a book that has “a life of its own”; it simply vibrates in my hands. Malidoma Some’s books have done that; so have Stephen Levine’s, and, now yours, too! The energy literally reverberated through the pages. How wonderful that you responded to the call to bring this project into form.”

Vicki Bartlett

Lorane, OR

“Thank you for presenting and for bringing these amazing peoples’ stories to life.”

Ray and Nanette Shepardson

Chicago, IL

“Whenever I am really ‘down’, I close my eyes and ask for a book that will help me. I don’t know if it’s my guides, my angels, God, or the Universe that answers my requests, but the right book always appears. Yesterday I checked the New & Noteworthy Books on our Kindle, and there it was! Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything, by Phil Bolsta. I knew that was the book I needed to read.


“I read Sixty Seconds in one sitting. I will go buy the actual book though so I can use a yellow highlighter throughout! This is one of those books I just want to hug. Maybe all of my cells will absorb the information I want to remember!


“I’m familiar with most of the authors of the stories, but this book lets me peek into their private lives. I’m also grateful for all of the web sites that were included. I just can’t tell you how much this book means to me. I thank everyone connected to it.”

Judy Carpenter

Austin, TX

“Just finished your book, which I bought a week ago and would have knocked off in a couple of days if I hadn’t had a life! I loved it! I kept stumbling over one-liners I want to remember, so I had to stop and write them in a journal. And then, I would be reading something and think of someone: and I’d think, “Jackie would really understand this because she was in the Congo and loved the African people (Malidoma Patrice Soma). I came home in hysterics after reading Jean Houston’s memories of her father, followed by her better-than-mine attempt to describe her experience of spiritual unity.

“I’m gonna have to pop for a copy to give my spiritual brother: He’s going to love it. And I’m a musician, so I can’t wait to find out more about Victor Wooten’s work. I guess the best thing about your book is that—like Horton the Elephant (Dr. Seuss)—we often feel ‘alone in the universe.’ It is so awesome to recognize my own experiences in the words of others. So Thank You, over and over. Write some more!”

Judy Hagerman

Lakewood, CO

“I am nearing the end of “Sixty Seconds.” And I’ll tell you, it’s a masterpiece. You have done a beautiful, beautiful job. I don’t know how you found all those people or how you picked them out, but their messages are something I think everybody should read.”

Jim Kaercher

Ortonville, MN

“I just loved your book. It was hard to put it down and at the end, I wished there were more stories. These well-known people, who have become our teachers, show us that there truly are ‘no ordinary moments’ and anything is possible for all of us. Many thanks for this wonderful experience.”

Mary Lou Savovic

Dublin, Ohio

“Thank you for compiling such a book. Your goals for your readers to take away “a greater appreciation of the sacredness of life, a renewed commitment to become kinder and more compassionate, and a dedication to continual self-improvement” were accomplished, or at least for me. One of the nicest features of the book was the short length of the stories. It was easy to pick up and read for a few minutes and then put back down, and be able to read a story in its entirety. Almost like a sixty second read.”
Bonnie Hammersley

Washington D.C.

“I recently finished your Sixty Seconds book and absolutely loved it. I was actually sorry that I was finished reading it. I love that they are short stories—I am a slow reader—so it gives me a feeling of accomplishment to get thru each one. Short and sweet and meaningful.”

Stacie Desautels

Salisbury, MD