Russell is a world-renowned futurist and fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a nonprofit membership organization that conducts and sponsors research into the nature of consciousness. He has authored eight books, including The Global Brain Awakens, The Consciousness Revolution, and From Science to God. For more information, visit


Watching them was unexpectedly powerful and moving. I felt I was witness to some sacred dolphin space. The thought occurred to me that this bay might be their equivalent of a cathedral in the water. We humans build cathedrals as high places, where our minds can soar up into the heights where we imagine the angels are. But a dolphin’s world is inverted. Much as human beings are tied to the ground, a dolphin is tied to the ocean’s surface, which it has to keep making contact with for air. So, whereas we build cathedrals to enclose a great space and height, maybe this bay was a natural “structure” for the dolphins, enclosing a great depth.

Futurist PETER RUSSELL transcends his fear and expands his consciousness during a sacred and magical swim with a pod of wild dolphins off a Hawaiian island.

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Photograph taken by Paula Stillman