Author of six books and an internationally renowned pioneer in enlightened living, Marilyn Diamond is coauthor of Fit for Life, the revolutionary diet book that, at the time, became the bestselling diet and health book ever written. It cracked the list of the top twenty-five bestselling books in history and has since sold millions of copies in thirty-eight languages. Marilyn and husband Donald Schnell later wrote Fitonics for Life as a lifestyle sequel to

Fit for Life. Marilyn can be reached at


I gazed back at the hexagonal, pearly-white face and jet-black eyes. Her multiple legs fell like golden locks of hair from behind her head. She stood statue-like, on tiptoes like a ballerina. I was riveted by this little being in front of me, who was clearly riveted by me. There we were, tiny crab and I. She was so incredibly small and delicate, and I felt her fear. Welling up from my heart was a profound compassion I’d seldom known before.

Nutrition pioneer MARILYN DIAMOND shifts the focus of her life’s work after encountering a diminutive pearl crab on a Florida beach.

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