Harwig’s books include The Intuitive Advantage, Your Life in the Palm of Your Hand, and The Angel in the Big Pink Hat. Harwig, who speaks and holds seminars on intuition and life after death, is a frequent presenter at retreats and conferences. She is a regular monthly guest on WCCO radio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information, visit


Slouched in the wheelchair, I felt myself leave my body. Just like that, I was floating near the ceiling, looking down at myself. I had no attachment whatsoever to my physical body. I remember thinking, completely dispassionately, Well, if they don’t do something very quickly, it’s going to die. It was as if I was looking at a pair of socks on the floor and had to decide whether to wash them or throw them away. In that state, I traveled to the room where doctors were consulting about me. They were terrified, not only about my condition but also about malpractice issues. I later verified much of that conversation with one of the doctors who was there.

Medium KATHRYN HARWIG’s priorities are turned inside out after a life-threatening hospital mishap leaves her in chronic pain.

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