Houston, an internationally known philosopher, cultural historian, seminar leader, and educator, has worked and lectured in more than one hundred countries. Her twenty-six books include Jump Time, A Passion for the Possible, and A Mythic Life. Drawing on her many years of work as an expert in human and cultural development, Houston, a protégée of the late anthropologist Margaret Mead, continues to develop revolutionary ways of unlocking the latent capabilities existent in every human being. She is the founder of the field of social artistry, which focuses on human development in the light of social complexity. For more information, visit


Years later, when I read The Divine Comedy, I remember Dante’s description of his great vision in paradise: “d’el riso del universo”—the joy that spins the universe. That’s what it was like, this incredible laughing, this joyous unity, this great connectivity of everything with everything else, this universal fellowship, and this perfect, glorious feeling of love. It was knowledge of the way everything worked—through love and joy and the utter union of everything with All That Is.

Human development expert JEAN HOUSTON unwittingly opens an astonishing spiritual doorway as a young girl.

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Photograph taken by Christopher Briscoe