Known as the “compassionate coroner,” Dr. Amatuzio writes and speaks about her personal experiences and insights regarding life after death and how to

apply those lessons to live a richer, more rewarding life. She is a board-certified forensic pathologist and Chief Medical Examiner of Minnesota’s Anoka County system. Midwest Forensic Pathology, the company she founded, provides private autopsy services to numerous counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Her books, Forever Ours and Beyond Knowing, feature heartfelt stories of otherworldly experiences from patients transitioning between life and death, their grieving loved ones, police, clergy, and others. Her words gently comfort the living and offer hope of a better world beyond. For more information, visit


I remember how embarrassed I felt that I had doubted him. I told him that I believed him and the incredible journey he had taken. And I remember thinking, I’m going to remember this wisdom. And I have. It’s made a difference in my life. It’s helped me to remain sensitive to patients and their families. And when my loved ones die, it comforts me to know that it will not simply be the end, that we will all be together again someday.

Author and coroner DR. JANIS AMATUZIO is forever changed by an eyewitness account of life after death in the quiet predawn hours during her hospital internship.

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