Bodine, a psychic, spiritual healer, ghostbuster, and author, offers psychic development and healing classes at her Minneapolis teaching and healing center. Her abilities include clairvoyance (the gift of seeing), clairaudience (the gift of hearing), and clairsentience (the gift of sensing). Her nine books include Look for the Good and You’ll Find God, Echoes of the Soul, and The Gift. For more information, visit


When I was a sophomore in college,

I found out I was pregnant. When my boyfriend and I talked about getting married, my inner voice very adamantly said, No! But I pretended I didn’t hear it

and kept on trying to make this really difficult situation more workable for me,

my boyfriend, and our families. Our premarital counselor said that, even

though we were both young, we could probably make it work. But all along,

my intuition kept saying, No, no, no,

this is not the way to go. And, deep

down, I knew I had to listen to it.

Psychic ECHO BODINE, unmarried and nineteen, agonizes over whether to give

up her newborn son for adoption.

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Photograph taken by Rod Radtke