Brinkley, who survived two lightning strikes, open-heart surgery, and brain surgery, which was followed by a grand mal seizure, wrote two bestselling books about his near-death experiences: Saved by the Light and At Peace in the Light. In his third book, The Secrets of the Light, coauthored with his wife, Kathryn, Brinkley describes his third near-death experience and offers spiritual strategies for raising consciousness and empowering daily life. An early crusader for hospice and palliative care, Brinkley cofounded The Twilight Brigade, one of the largest end-of-life-care volunteer programs for dying veterans in American history. For more information, visit and


After I was struck by lightning in 1975, I endured twenty-eight minutes of clinical death, six days of total paralysis, seven months of partial paralysis, and two years of learning to walk and feed myself again. But in the end, the sacredness of the experience was overwhelming because I finally understood that we are great and powerful spiritual beings. Sacredness is found in the moment a person realizes who they are as part of the whole cosmic, divine universe, and I emphasize divine.

Author and hospice activist DANNION BRINKLEY lovingly ushers his father

into the afterlife with the support of

his brother and sister.

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