Singer/songwriter Vera made his first record and wrote a chart hit for Ricky Nelson while still in his teens. In 1985, four years after his band, Billy Vera and the Beaters, had recorded “At This Moment,” the song was used in the hit sitcom Family Ties, which rocketed both the song and Vera to stardom. Also an accomplished actor, Vera has appeared in numerous movies and television shows and is a sought-after voice-over artist. Billy Vera and the Beaters has established itself as the quintessential L.A. band; Hollywood stars and other celebrities frequently attend their shows throughout the Southern California area. For more information, visit and


I was forty-two years old when this happened. I had had a couple of hits in the ’60s, nothing in the ’70s, and here I was in 1987, and I’ve got the number-one record in the country at an age when you’re not even a contender in the record business; rock ’n’ roll is a young man’s game. Nevertheless, it completely changed my life. Suddenly, I was on The Tonight Show nine times. I was on every show that plays popular music. My dream of appearing on American Bandstand finally came true. Even my acting career picked up, and I started appearing in more movies and television shows.

Singer/songwriter BILLY VERA’s career goes supernova when a Family Ties producer plucks his eight-year-old song from obscurity and sends it rocketing up the charts.

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Billy Vera’s MUSIC

Photograph taken by Mark Hanauer